Tu Casa Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu Design

The Project

Tu Casa Mexican Restaurant is a food establishment based in Norfolk, Nebraska. The restaurant has been growing immensely since the late 2000’s. As the proud owners, my uncles started out the restaurant by selling tacos, burritos and other Mexican foods from the window of a transportable trailer. As years passed and customer demand increased, the restaurant evolved into a dine-in establishment. Now having served the Norfolk area for four years, the need for updated menus grew. My uncles reached out to me to take care of the job, pointing out issues with their current menu such as: readability, image quality, copy, as well as overall layout and order for such a large selection of menu items. The need for a separate alcohol menu was also addressed. I looked to solve the readability problem by incorporating white text on a dark grey colored background. I also took advantage of the usable menu item images that existed in the outdated menu.